Evolution Transformation Robotization

  • No man in tank.
  • Safe for personnel and environment.
  • 24/7 operational performance.
  • Return of up to 95% of the oil recovered from sludge to the customer.
  • 4 modifications.
Dyclar Dynamic Water
Purification Technology At the pure side of the water
  • One-staged purication
  • Compact performance
  • Low OPEX and CAPEX
variety of drag
reducing agents
  • Throughput capacity increase of up to 80%
  • Propriotory design and production of fully automated injection skids for reagents supply monitoring and remote control
  • Variations of active base to meet customer's requirements
  • Own production
Chemexsol online platform for suppliers
and buyers of chemical
products and solution
for Oil&Gas
Digital clones of MARTin and DYCLAR are in the game already
«Advantages are with those
who are strong and fast
as well as with those who
possess new technologies
that might help to survive»
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