Additive for self-healing of cement stone fractures Atren Recard is a mixture of active substances of different nature, which starts the process of self-healing fractures when interacting with water and fluid of the oil reservoir.

Over time, the cement sheath ages and brings down the well due to the formation of fractures or micro-gaps. Atren Recad contains additives that react and/or swell upon contact with fluids (water, oil) in the bottom hole, blocking the formed channels.

Well cements are potentially exposed to several types of fluids during operation, including liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, water and salt solutions and/or carbon dioxide, so this chemical acts under all fluid influences. When tested for compressive strength, cement compositions with additives, after five days, show stability or slight increase in pressure on the walls of the molds, compared with cement without additives.


Used for self-healing of fractures formed in the cement stone.

Recommended consumption

From 2.5 to 5% bwoc. Delivery point and optimum dose are determined by laboratory and/or pilot tests for every specific use case.

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