Liquid gas blocker based on latex polymer for cement slurries.


Used in the oil production industry, in the technological processes of well construction, as an additive to cement slurries to control gas travel, acts as an agent reducing water loss of cement slurry, as well as stabilizing and preventing premature setting of the cement slurry, in the construction and cementing of wells in order to increase the cement stone strength and adhesion to the casing pipe metal.

Recommended consumption

When applying, Atren Cem GBL is added to the grouting fluid at a concentration of 2–10% (depending on the conditions of use) by cement weight.

109Liquid gas blocker for cement slurries Atren Cem GBLhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/59a/59a1131a760e0326ac4748c5146ceec1.png

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