Scimol™ corrosion inhibitors are a mixture of various nitrogen-containing compounds in aromatic or alcoholic solvents.


They reduce the corrosion rate of condensation-refrigeration machinery of oil refineries distillation columns. Chemicals provide maintenance of the corrosion rate of pipelines and condensation-refrigeration machinery of column overhead lines at a level of no more than 0.1 mm/year for carbon steel and 0.01 mm/year for non-ferrous metals, as well as low content of dissolved iron in water of reflux tanks.

Chemical dosing

It is recommended that the corrosion inhibitor is continuously dosed into column overhead lines. The dosage depends on the specific conditions of the process - the content of corrosives in the stream, the level of pH. Prior to the application, a "shocking" dose of the chemical is made to form a protective film on the walls of pipelines and equipment.

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