To reduce the potential corrosive aggressiveness of overhead streams in crude oil distillation units, overalcalinity of desalted oil is used, neutralizers and corrosion inhibitors of the "Scimol" line are additionally applied. Corrosion inhibitors are solutions of imidazolines, amides, cross-linked oxyethylated amines.


Application of corrosion inhibitors of the Scimol ™ line helps to create an adsorption protective film on the internal walls of the process stream pipelines, thereby significantly reducing the corrosion of the equipment of the atmospheric-vacuum distillation unit.

Chemical dosing

The chemicals are injected into column overhead lines in the following order: first a neutralizer, then a corrosion inhibitor. The injection can be carried out both in pure form and in the form of solutions, as well as with a transport agent (irrigation gasoline, etc.).

140Scimol ™ corrosion inhibitors of brands OR-2001, 2003, 2004https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/2de/2def15b92830489712a0d78dbf129a8b.png