Dewaxol™ coke formation inhibitors is a composition based on nitrogen-containing organic compounds and polymers in a hydrocarbon solvent.


Intended for reducing coke deposits on the surface of equipment and pipelines, through the chemical binding of polymerisation and polycondensation centers, as well as dispersing and preventing deposition of new coke particles, passivation of the metal surface..


Continuous dosing of the chemical into the most susceptible parts of the secondary refining units (visbreaking, thermal cracking, etc.) is recommended. Prior to the application, a "shocking" dose of the chemical is made to passivate the internal walls of the equipment.

101Coking and coke deposition inhibitor additives Dewaxol ™ of brand 1001https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/264/264009324e2efccab7ef9330d8bac1c6.png