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Quality control laboratory
Purpose of the laboratory
  • Quality control– arrangement and carrying out quality control of products, technological processes, development of remedial and preventive actions, intended to upgrade final products;
  • Management and carrying out of activity on evaluation of chemical products conformity to stipulated requirements;
  • Receipt inspection of incoming stock;
  • Acceptance control of final products.
Main goals
  • Evaluation of produced chemical products conformity to stipulated requirements;
  • Creation of a quality planning, arrangement and control system, ensuring products upgrading, reclamations reducing, transfer from quality control system to quality assurance system;
  • Identification and classification of objects in the field of quality, determination of products quality evaluation criteria, improving of accuracy of quality evaluation results, regulation of requirements to products quality;
  • Raising of personal responsibility for complying with legislative, regulatory, sectorial and other stipulated requirements in the field of quality, conformity evaluation, environmental safety;
    • Elaboration of measures, programs on products quality improvement;
    • Implementation of a continuous cooperation system with suppliers and consumers regarding issues of chemical products quality;
    • Execution of physical-chemical analysis of initial and final products with required accuracy.
Products Trade marks Scope of application
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agents for water purification Seurvey™ FL, Decleave™-M, Atren™-Bio, Scimol™, Descum™ backwater and refinery water treatment by oil treatment
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