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Water purification and petroleum settlings dewatering

Industrial enterprises and enterprises of housing and municipal services use water of diverse quality; in addition, their operations contaminate water with different wastes. Prior to utilization or discharge into water bodies, water should be pretreated to the required standards.

The main classification of water conditioning and water treatment:

  1. Mechanical (filtration, sedimentation): is used to decontaminate water from different mechanical impurities of various size.
  2. Chemical (neutralization, oxidation, reduction): is used to neutralize hazardous substances, as well as to transfer from the true dissolved to the insoluble state.
  3. Physical and chemical (flotation; sorption; extraction; ion exchange; electro-dialysis; reverse osmosis, etc.): is used to decontaminate water from colloidal dispersed systems and the true solutions.
  4. Biological (aerobic and anaerobic processes): is used to decontaminate water from dissolved organic compounds.

As part of chemical and physical and chemical methods, "Water Circulation System Service" Business Unit offers effective chemical solutions for waste water treatment against oil products, suspended substances, heavy metals and other contaminants, and also for thickening and dewatering of sludge, cuttings and activated sludge.

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