Drilling fluid service is an important component of the drilling process. Drilling Fluids and Technologies Business unit (SSR LLC) of the Mirrico Group is certified and renders services for all types of drilling fluids - in combinations and separately.

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  • more than 11 years of experience;
  • geography of operations: in all the main oil and gas provinces of Russia including Eastern and Western Siberia, Volga - Urals province, Northern Caucasus, Timan - Pechora province;
  • a broad range of drilling fluids designed to resolve all types of problems arising during drilling operations;
  • experienced engineers and scientists: more than 80 drilling mud engineers, more than 30 cleaning system operators.

Drilling fluid services include

  • Preparation of drilling mud programs for specific geologic conditions;
  • Engineering support of the drilling mud mixing and treatment processes;
  • drilling complications response (total losses, сonsolidation of weak formations, casing leaks repairs, well killing);
  • engineering support for mud cleaning systems;
  • drilling mud and oil sludge disposal and reconditioning.
185Drilling fluids services
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