Hydranox™ series hydrate inhibitors are designed for use in the oil and gas industry as a means to control gas hydrates in gas and oil gathering and field processing systems during treatment of gas-condensate wells, gas pipelines and pumps for raw gas conveyance.

Depending on the mechanism of action, various grades of hydrate inhibitors are produced.

  • Hydranox™ 8008 is a thermodynamic hydrate inhibitor, which reduces gas hydrate crystallization temperature, thus making the formation of hydrates less possible from the thermodynamic point of view.
  • Hydranox™ 8004 is a kinetic hydrate inhibitor: affects the rate of hydrate formation in gas-liquid flow actively preventing
  • Hydranox™ 8001 is a hydrate inhibitor of combined action.


Constant dosing into the gas-liquid flow is recommended. Injection point of the chemical must be as close as possible to the hydrate formation area. The dose depends on specific process conditions and determined as a result of pilot industrial tests.

Transportation and storage

The products are conventionally delivered in steel or polyethylene barrels, and in other containers as agreed with the customer. The products are stored indoors, in ventilated rooms, away from direct sunlight, atmospheric moisture, heat, fire. The warranty period for conformance of products to the technical specifications is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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