Asulpher™ is a chemical line produced by the  Mirrico Group ("OSNOVA" Chemical group, LTD).


Hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan control in refined petroleum products, i.e. in light and dark oil products and in gas condensate.

Asulpher ™ helps to reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in fuel oil to the level of:

  • no more than 10 ppm, according to the requirements of the fuel technical regulations;
  • no more than 2 ppm, according to the requirements for the quality of fuel oil export.


  • Asulpher 7001, 7002Б, 7003, 7004, 7006, 7009, 7010 are chemicals based on nitrogen- and oxygen-containing organic compounds (mixtures of amines, aldehydes, triazines, carbamide, urotropine, etc.), which have high efficiency at low dosages;
  • Asulpher 6002, 6501, 6504 are triazine-based chemicals, which have a high absorptive capacity not only towards hydrogen sulphide, but also to mercaptans;
  • Asulpher 7002А, 7005 are urotropine-based chemicals of the hazard class 4;
  • Asulpher K-А is a catalyst for oxidation of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans.

Chemicals are delivered in tank trucks or in closed containers (200 liter barrels or IBC eurocubes).

214Absorption of hydrogen sulfide Asulpher ™https://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/f7a/f7a00b9380d85be80c0848a6468f8b52.png
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