This product of the combined action of turbulent viscosity reducing additive and corrosion inhibitor is designed for application in oil and gas industry to ensure transportation of oil, water-in-oil-emulsion, diesel fuel and gas condensate by reducing flow resistance in the main oil pipelines and petroleum product pipelines, oil field pipelines, condensate pipelines, with protection of the internal surface of pipelines against corrosion.

The scope of IC-FLOW™ chemical of combined action includes pipelines with pressure or capacity limitations, complicated by corrosion processes.

Increase in pipeline capacity and/or reduction in operating pressure and protection against corrosion are the main criteria for efficiency of IC-FLOW™ additive of combined action.


Constant treatment of fluid stream at concentrations ranging from 10 to 500 g/ton is recommended.

The optimum dose in determined by laboratory and/or pilot industrial tests for every specific application.

Special dosing equipment should be used to feed the additive into the pipeline.

Stir the product until homogeneous prior to the application.

Transportation and storage

The product is supplied in 1 m3 polymer containers with bottom discharge. The product is stored indoors, in ventilated rooms, away from direct sunlight, atmospheric moisture, heat, fire. The warranty period for conformance of the product to the technical specifications is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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