MR™ series chemicals (rheology modifier) are designed for use in hydrocarbon production and transportation processes to change properties of conveyed fluid, reduce energy consumption and extend the service life of processing equipment.

Depending on the purpose, several brands of products of combined action are produced:

  • MR™-1055 – exhibits features of depressant, dispersant, ARPD inhibitor, designed for protection of equipment and pipelines against depositions, reduction of low-temperature viscosity and hydrocarbon pour point.
  • MR™-1077 – exhibits features of demulsifier, depressant, dispersant, ARPD inhibitor and designed for ensuring effective pipeline transportation of water-in-oil emulsions, complicated by ARPD deposits and high pour point.
  • MR™-1088 – exhibits features of turbulent viscosity reducing additive, depressant, ARPD inhibitor and is designed to increase the pipeline capacity by reducing friction, while maintaining effective diameter of the pipeline, resulting from protection against ARPD formation on the inner surface of the pipeline, and also designed to reduce the viscosity of the transported raw material.


Depending on the specific conditions, constant treatment of transported fluid stream at doses ranging from 30 to 500 g/ton is recommended.

The optimum dose, point, and conditions of feed are determined based on the results of hydraulic calculations, laboratory tests, bench-tests and pilot industrial tests.

In some cases, special dosing equipment shall be used to feed chemicals into the pipeline, and depending on the ambient temperature, preheating of the product may be necessary.

Transportation and storage

The products are delivered in steel barrels, 1 m3 containers, tank containers and in bulk in consumer's containers. The products are stored indoors, in ventilated rooms, away from direct sunlight, atmospheric moisture, heat, fire. The warranty period for conformance of products to the technical specifications is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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