SNITREN™ friction-reducing additive is designed for application in oil and gas industry in compressed natural gas transportation processes to reduce pipeline pressure and increase the capacity of the main and interfield gas pipelines by reduction of friction through reduction of roughness of the pipe inner surface.

Two grades of SNITREN™ additives are available: SNITREN™ 4801 and SNITREN™ 8101 as per technical specifications TU 2458-117-94296805-2014.

Constant and periodic dosing into the stream of transported gas is recommended. The standard dosage range is 1-1000 g/t.

The optimum dose is determined based on the results of pilot industrial tests. Preliminary laboratory testing is not required.

Special dosing equipment, ensuring distribution of the chemical in aerosol form in the gas stream, is required to feed additive to the pipeline.

Increase in pipeline capacity and/or reduction in operating pressure are the main criteria for the additive efficiency.


Pipelines with pressure or capacity limitations.

Transportation and storage

The product is supplied in 1 m3 polymer containers with bottom discharge. The product is stored indoors, in ventilated rooms, away from direct sunlight, atmospheric moisture, heat, fire. The warranty period for conformance of the product to the technical specifications is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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